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Established: April 2nd, 2012

Most recent revision: January 20th, 2015
Trust Bank Co., Ltd. - CEO Tamayo Sunaga

1. Personal Information Protection Policy

Trust Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") utilizes ICT to act in support of revitalizing communities. Since then, we have paid close attention to the protection of our customers' information. However, due to the frequency of accidents and incidents involving the leaking and disclosure of personal information, we reconfirmed our responsibility at the core of our business to protect and manage personal information, and declared that all of our employees act in accordance with the following items.

(1) The Company clearly defines the scope and purpose of use of personal information necessary for its business operations and collects, uses, and provides personal information appropriately. The acquired personal information will only be used within the scope of its purpose of use and measures are taken such that it is not used for any other purpose.

(2) The Company complies with laws, national policies, and other guidelines governing the handling of personal information.

(3) The Company takes reasonable security measures and corrective measures to prevent the risk of illicit access to personal information, and the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

(4) The Company responds without delay to complaints and consultations, as well as requests from the party in question regarding the disclosure, correction, deletion, and cessation of use of his/her personal information.

(5) The Company continually reviews and improves its Personal Information Management System (PMS).

2. Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of use of Personal Information:
Based on JISQ15001:2006 personal information protection management system requirements, if personal information is directly acquired in writing for a purpose other than those specified below (JISQ15001:2006 personal information protection management system requirements, the purpose for its acquisition shall be publicized.
- To carry out projects delegated to the Company (promotions on the web page and application forms submitted, etc.)
- To manage business

3. Procedures for requesting the disclosure of personal information

(1) Name of Company:
Trust Bank Co., Ltd.

(2) Name, title, and contact information of personal information privacy administrator.
Personal Information Privacy Administrator: President Tel: +81-3-5784-1089

(3) Purpose of use of personal information subject to disclosure:
- To use the services that the Company provides to customers (member services on the web page, etc.)
- To contact customers as needed
- It will only be used for employment and personnel management of employees, applicants, and retirees. It will never be used for another purpose without the consent of the person in question.

(4) Personal information subject to disclosure and contact for inquiries:
We will respond to complaints and consultations from the person in question, as well as requests for notification, disclosure, content, correction, and addition to, as well as deletion, cessation of use, erasure, and cessation of provision to third parties of personal information subject to disclosure (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc."). Please use the contact information below for inquiries on the disclosure of personal information.

(5) Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure, etc.:
a. To apply and request disclosure, etc. - Apply to the address below for requests for disclosure, etc.
b. Requests for disclosure, etc. shall be submitted with no specified format and shall only be accepted by post.
c. Confirmation of the person requesting the disclosure or his/her agent shall be done using previously acquired information that only the person him/herself knows (date of birth, address, etc.) Acquired personal information shall only be used within the scope of achieving the purpose of responding to the request to disclose personal information and shall be destroyed as soon as it is confirmed.

Inquiries about personal information:

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