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 planning and operation of "Furusato Choice" portal site for local tax payment

 hosting "Furusato Tax Seminars" nationwide for manufacturers, corporations, employees, and individual contributors

'Furusato Choice' Tax Payment Support Site


No matter how you slice it, you have to pay taxes. Since that's the case, why not put that money where you see fit? With the Furusato Tax Payment system, you can bring your money back to Japan's local regions in the form of charitable contributions. These payments are tax-exempt (you get them back)! Change the world by making your payment count.

What is Furusato Choice?
"Furusato Choice" is the "Furusato Tax*" portal site opened in September 2012.
It has over 2,500 page views per month and is used by many people.
* Furusato Tax is a donation system in Japan.
 When you donate to any local government, part of the donation is deducted from your taxes.
"Furusato Choice" lists "thank you gifts" and "methods of using the donation" for donating Furusato Tax to 1,782 local governments, 99% of the 1,788 local governments in Japan.
The "Furusato Choice" projects come in a wide variety, such as financing local governments, regional industrial development, tourism promotion, and support projects to solve social problems.

A "Government Crowdfunding" sit of crowdfunding run by local governments was opened in September 2014 as a solution to local government issues.
The "thank you gifts" you can receive from Furusato Tax are merely "thank you gifts to express gratitude", and deciding the recipient for donation based on the "thank you gift" or yield deviates slightly from the original purpose of the "Furusato Tax".
We hope that you will focus on the "method of using the donation" with a desire that the local government you donate to will work hard and use your donation effectively.

The Government Crowdfunding Site was opened with this in mind.
On the Government Crowdfunding Site, local governments can collect donations to develop their towns and solve problems.
So far, projects to support those with incurable diseases and conserve the environment and cherry blossom trees have achieved their goals.

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